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Mummytales : The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Last week as I returned home from work, the boys were all over me with their stories –each of them animatedly telling me what they’d been up to all day–each trying to outdo the other in how fast and how loud they can be. And they can be really fast and loud, trust me. As they did so, one particular phrase that they kept repeating stood out.

“Mummy….surprise….mummy…box….mummy…open…box….something nice….box…..mummy box… open now mummy….box…this they said as they dragged me to a section of the room – one pulling my right hand and the other pulling the left.

When I finally got to where they were leading me, I saw it. Glittering. Tantalizing. Warm. Calling out for me. It was wrapped in blue.

Looking all nice and inviting. It was indeed a box –as the boys had been energetically harping on about. As I got closer, I could see its contents and my mind immediately drifted to my pregnant days, when I would go around shopping for newborn stuff. So the boys let go of my hands and gently presented the box to me saying: “Mummy we have something nice for you”. Awww, these my sweet lovely boys. They are such adorable little munchkins. They make me want to tear so many times – and so many times I not only tear, but I actually cry me a river –just thinking of the precious blessings they are. They are my pride; my possession.

Anyways, back to the box. It was a ‘Mild & Gentle’ gift box from PZ Cussons, which I had earlier been informed would be delivered home. I wasn’t home when it was delivered and the boys had received it on my behalf. Now, they had spent the entire afternoon admiring the box and ‘booking’ which of the products would be theirs. They were seven pieces in total, and they had split them equally between themselves, and were only waiting for mummy to open the box so that they could claim their own. Hehe but I quickly clarified to them: “My friends, things don’t go like that. Mummy is the one who decides everything around here”.

Now, let me tell you about the contents of the ‘Mild & Gentle’ gift box by PZ Cussons. It contains a set of toiletries ideally for baby, but I must admit that I am one of those moms who from time to time uses baby products on myself. So as I was going through the contents of the box, I was already mentally selecting which of the products I would keep for myself and which I would use on the boys.

The gift box contained:

– Hand and body wash
– Lotion
– Cream
– Cologne
– Powder
– Oil
– A classical music CD

The first thing I did was open up each of the products and smell them. Smell is very important because I don’t particularly fancy strong-smelling stuff on my babies –especially those days when they were newborns. What I can say about the smells on all the products is that they are neither too strong nor too slight. They are in-between. The products smell like how babies usually smell: fresh and nice and so sweet that you just want to kiss and cuddle them all day long.

The first product that I used on the boys was the hair and body wash. So what I did was pour a little of it in their bath water, and also a little bit of it onto their bathing sponge, lathered it up, washed them then rinsed. I liked it because it lathered really well and I didn’t really feel the need to use soap to get the boys squeaky clean.

Like I had promised myself, I awarded myself the cream –which comes in this small convenient container that comfortably fits in my handbag. The cream goes with me wherever I go, because it comes in handy after I wash my hands and dry them – after having a meal, after a washroom visit, or when my hands get dirty and I must wash them. I love how it smells too, and the cool feel it gives my hands after.

I’ve also been using the baby powder to freshen up my closet, and that of the boys as well. What I do is just put a little baby powder in a small open container then place it strategically in the closet, and this keeps the clothes smelling lovely.

So it’s been a week of using these Cussons products and so far so good.

The first idea though that struck me the moment I saw this gift pack, was ‘baby shower’. I think this would be a perfect gift to carry along when going for a baby shower. You can carry the Mild & Gentle variant which is blue in color, or you can gift the expectant mom the Soft & Smooth one which is pink in color. I haven’t tried out the pink one though, so can’t comment much about it.


The good thing I liked about this pack is that the products contained – seven of them, are things the mom can use for a long time, no matter the age of the baby. And as she uses them on her baby, she will always remember you for your kind thought of the perfect gift.

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  1. Great review – who doesn’t love presents!
    I like the idea of Mummy using the hand cream !

  2. Ninda Kangethe says:

    Great review Maryanne, I too use Cussons Baby products on my kids and love it. I use the pink on my girls and would definitely give this as a baby shower gift.

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