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One of my Best Discoveries for Baby’s Skin

Those days, when I was a new mother –with Kitty, my tentacles were always out looking for all things nice and good for my cute little baby. I found some things, some things I didn’t find. The things that I found –some I liked and still continue to use, others I didn’t and just dropped them.

I remember one time when I was searching for a product for Kitty’s skin, I consulted my go-to mummy consultant Mwarikhwa (my sis-in-law). I always take Mwarikhwa’s recommendations very seriously because well, she became a mother long before me and so I believe she’s credible enough. Automatically .

So anyway, Mwarikhwa told me that aqueous cream was good as it had worked well on her tots, and that if I was searching for something for my baby’s skin, then I should consider it. I had never heard of aqueous cream before, and I asked her where it was found, but she told me that aqueous cream was easily available in all leading supermarkets, to my great relief.

maryanne jnj baby waweru

So off I went to the supermarket and was pleased to find aqueous cream. The only aqueous cream that was in the store was from Johnson and Johnson and I must admit that I was relieved because I didn’t have to stand at that supermarket aisle for about 45 minutes ping-ponging my brain trying to pick out the best brand.

It can get very confusing sometimes when you have a variety of choice I tell you.

I think you’ll agree with me that when it comes to most buys, and ESPECIALLY buys concerning our children, there is always something comforting about settling for a recognizable brand. Johnson and Johnson is one of those. So I picked the aqueous cream container and began reading. One of the things that immediately struck me about the product is that it is dermatologist approved. Babies have really delicate and sensitive skin that is prone to allergies, and with the endorsement from a skin doctor, then the rating of the product definitely went up many notches higher for me.

maryanne jnj with son

The only thing I had to choose was which one exactly I wanted, because they were of two kinds:

– The aqueous cream that is lightly fragranced, and

– The aqueous cream that is fragrance free.

I chose the fragrance free one because I always prefer that my boys don’t have any scent on them.

I don’t know if you’re like me, but when I buy something that I’ve never used before, the first thing I do when I get home is open it up and ‘see’. So once home, even before I sat down, I quickly opened up the aqueous cream and ‘saw’. It was crystal clear white. Nice! Then I tested it on myself.  It was a smooth cream that felt good on my skin, and made me feel good too. So I reckoned that it would definitely would be good for Kitty’s skin too.

So after Kitty’s next bath, I smoothed the aqueous cream all over his body, from the top of his face to the tip of his toes. And it did good because his skin remained soft and supple. Four years later, it is still what I use on Kitty’s body!

Read more from Maryanne on her Blog.

Did you know that your baby’s skin is 30% thinner than yours?  For additional information on baby products visit the Johnson Baby site.

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