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Managing Post Abuse: Listen to Yourself

Forgive Yourself

  • To forgive is not to forget
  • It is accepting what has happened, living your life now and making healthier choices in the future
  • We all make mistakes
  • Mistakes are simply lessons


Be Active

  • Listening is more than being quiet
  • When listening to others (or yourself!):
        • Be patient
        • Act on your promises
        • Let the speaker lead the conversation
        • Ask questions


Your Voice is Your Power

  • You have the power to decide who and what you listen to
  • Even in your own mind
  • No one but YOU can take your power away


Trust your instincts

  • Intuition is a form of intelligence
  • Your brain keeps a lot of information and processes it even faster
  • It constantly assesses your surroundings to see if it’s safe or not
  • If you feel something is wrong, believe it; it means your unconscious brain has quickly spotted something is wrong
  • If you sense trouble:
          • Believe it
          • Ask for help
          • Walk away
          • Say no


Know what you need

  • When you pay attention to your needs first, then you:
            • Stand up for yourself
            • Will be harder to pressure
            • Will know your own voice
            • Can make tough decisions


The world should listen

  • Your voice matters. People who care for you will:
  • Focus on your needs, not theirs
  • Allow you to express yourself
  • Act in your best interest


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