Kendi versus Sleep

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Kendi Versus Sleep

Kendi usually takes 2 naps a day. One in the mid morning and one in the mid afternoon. Usually.

Sometimes she forgoes one, usually the afternoon one. We figured it’s because she is interested in whatever is going on, especially if we’re out and she doesn’t want to miss out by napping.

So she fights.

In the red corner, Kendi, weighing in at a respectable12.5kgs. Almost 12 months of sleep fighting experience.

In the blue corner, Sleep, heavy weight champion of the world. Millennia of experience with sleepy, fighting toddlers.


Round 1:

Kendi talks loudly- at the very top of her lungs.

The sleepier she gets, the louder she speaks. I think she thinks that if it’s loud enough, she won’t be able to fall asleep. Sleep uses its rhythmic sway to counter the volume.

There is a break where the referee (me) comes into the room and explains that ‘it doesn’t matter how loud you talk, sleep will most likely win this round my love, give in’ and then leaves.

Round 2:

Kendi changes tactic, she gets up and jumps around her bed.

The reason this strategy works- if only to delay sleep’s victory- is because she’s on her feet. She however, eventually gets so sleepy that she has to sit down. And this is where sleep starts to take the lead. I have found her asleep sitting up three times now.

Because I check on her at this time during the fight (like a good referee), to make sure she’s safe and in a comfortable position- preferably lying down- I am usually on hand to provide any support she needs. Of late, that support has come in the form of laying her down and covering her.

baby sleeping

Round 3:

Sleep wins. My little fighter is carried away in it’s unrelenting hold.

Sleep wins 10 times out of 10.

Kendi is sometimes very good at delaying this victory. She has even been able to delay it for a few hours. And this small chance that she might win is what I think keeps my daughter fighting. She remembers that she has almost won in the past and so she keeps going. I admire her tenacity

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