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Faith Mwaura : My Baby Is Kicking

Then the kicks started, 3 days ago I felt her move for the first time.

Her first kick was unmistakable. I said “her” because I am hoping it’s a girl. A boy is most welcome though. Having one (boy) I am ready for another but a girl would be a much needed break, I guess. So she has been kicking since then and I feel every one of them, very gentle and almost unnoticeable. When she does, I sit back, straighten my legs and wait for the next one. The baby likes to kick at about  3pm and again at 7 pm.


Since the kicks are so gentle, I am the only one who can feel them, I lay back and smile.

It will be a few more weeks before they become strong enough for her father and brother to feel. Until then, I am happy to be the only one experiencing the miracle. I get the privilege to feel her every first for this 9 months and I am so grateful.

It reminds me of my pregnancy with Mugi, the kicks and turns were the one thing I missed after he was born.

I remember I was a teacher during my pregnancy and at some point I caught myself almost asking my students to place their hands on my tummy so they could feel the baby kicking, I wanted everyone to feel the kicks and the turning used to fascinate me. I never had one of those ouch, that was a crazy kick moment, they were all sweet, amazing and ever so gentle.


So week 17 welcomes the baby kicks and from this week forth I am sure I will feel every single one of them. They will leave a smile on my face as she kicks just to remind me she is there and coming into my arms soon.

With Mugi, I started feeling the kicks at 21 weeks, I think knowing how they feel like has made me notice them earlier with our little miss.

How I might need to change all the pronouns here if Mugi is having a brother… =)

Let me sit back and enjoy the kicks for now.

For now we wait for you Miss M. Mwaura.

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