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Eco-Friendly Maternity Fashion

Kenyan-based Nike Kondakis is an internationally renowned fashion designer. Her clothing, made from recycled parachutes, is modern, chic and practical. When she first became a Mother in 2011, she innovated stylish garments that can be worn before, during pregancy and after one gives birth. In fact, these maternity clothes morph and adapt to your needs as a Mum. A section of the garment seamlessly transforms from accommodating your pregnancy bump to become a baby sling, or a discreet cover for nursing in public.  These were first released at the Tribal Chic Fashion Show in 2012.  For stockists and locations of Nike Kondakis’ latest designs, check out Kondakis,  MumsVillage Info Centre.





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  1. Pretty and efficient, two birds with one stone .

  2. Jennifer M says:

    I love that the brand is kenya-based!