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Date Night At Dusit D2

Curiosity led us to Dusit D2.

We’d both heard about it, but hadn’t been. When R suggested that we try and find it again (after our not-so-fruitful search the evening before on our drive home) I happily squeezed into something uncomfortable.

With renewed confidence, and our friend Google maps as a guide, we headed out.

I think I first marveled at the fact that they could tuck a beautiful hotel in a place I would never have expected one. I thought of all the times that I had gone past Prime Bank/Chiromo Campus in a rickety 48A matatu either on my way to work or back home.
We received a friendly welcome. The kind where you get a compliment on your outfit even as they check to see that you aren’t packing heat. The hostess that met us at the lobby complimented my shoes.


You just know that you’re going to be biased about a place where two women compliment you as opposed to staring at you down their noses.

If you have a thing for light fixtures then you will love DusitD2. They aren’t shy about displaying them in their spaces.

You know how you would, ideally, imagine that one statement lamp is enough for each particular room so as not to have too may things competing for attention? There are no such concerns at Dusit.

It is also the kind of place where they are happy to indulge you if you request to taste their wines before making a decision on which one to have. I settled on trying out their Daiquiri as R decided to have a “polite” glass of wine seeing as he had to get us back home.

We ordered their stuffed chicken wings.

zing at dusit

I don’t know if you would like this, but I honestly appreciated biting into some meaty chicken wings.

This as opposed to holding back- on the biting- lest you end up with the uncomfortable position of having to figure out how to discreetly remove a bone from your mouth. Such is always my predicament with chicken wings. I am no food critic so don’t take my word for it. I just enjoy what I enjoy.

It is difficult to use the ladies room at Dusit and not have a moment of vanity.

Something about all the mirrors and the lighting. And those seats staring at the full length mirror. I mean, do we sit and practice our posture? Make sure our calves are perfectly oiled, maybe? I don’t know. If you love bathroom selfies, well…


R always says that you should leave a place while still at a high as opposed to letting the night drag out. The moment I begin to contemplate calling the nanny to find out if the babies are OK is often that moment for me.

Oh, they have valet parking by the way. You know, just in case valet parking is a deal breaker ?

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