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The kids who need the most love will ask for it in the most unloving ways.

Russel Barkley

Raising Kendi : Journey into Motherhood

I thought to myself, ‘an uncountantable number of women before me have done this. This is a big deal in that it brings forth life. This is not a big enough deal to whine whinge and moan over. This is do-able. I am about to do it whether or not I want to.

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I had found out I was expecting Kendi, and from that moment on, I started auditing my life. All negative things had to go. All annoying people were no longer invited, entertained, or forgiven. I was a happy vessel.

kendi raising

Then, Kendi came into this world. Quiet and with a, ‘you can’t get anything by me’ attitude. I loved the side eye she gave everyone, and still gives some people. I loved her calm demeanour. I loved her fat, fat thighs. She was perfect.

Then, I was afraid. How will I raise this person? She depends on me for her life. In addition, I remembered, ‘an uncountable number of women before me have done this…’

This is my journey.


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