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3 Secrets to Getting a Youthful Skin

Many people often tell me that I look youthful skin and they also ask for tips which are pretty simple – it is all about lifestyle and yes you guessed it, food & drink.

When I see a person with acne, I see an undernourished person…nothing much about the skin but rather what is under the skin. If you just make a few changes you will start to feel your skin being smoother, brighter and those acne scars will just fade away. Here are my youthful skin mantras.


1. I do not use any kind of product on my skin.

I never touch any kind of lotion, not even vaseline. All I need is extra virgin coconut oil or extra virgin shea butter, If I can’t get the coconut oil which is rarely the case. Even now there is a small shortage but I just bought some from Rupu.

This is very simple, my skin only needs natural stuff. Anything else just does not cut it.

2. Water & Juicing

Water helps to detoxify your body and skin which then helps the skin do its job of excretion. Water also hydrates your skin making it naturally moist so you don’t need those funny products that claim to make your skin moist.

Sporty woman drinking water

Juicing is another awesome way to hydrate, be healthy and have perfect youthful skin. I speak from experience. I used to have bad skin but after I started drinking my mum’s veggie and fruit juices, that changed. In a few months I could notice even the ladies started to like me more 🙂 it just works because of the amazing nutrition in abundance that a juice has. the raw enzymes also help the digestion and absorption of the nutrients.

If you can’t juice, chew some fresh sugarcane, that is even better or buy juices from a good juice bar who don’t add sugar and water to their product. Smoothies work too, as long as you keep them simple, light and natural (i.e. fruits, nuts, seeds and veggies only plus water or fresh homemade alternative milk like almond or coconut).

3. Exercise

When you sweat, you remove toxins from the body which also wreck havoc on your skin. Walking, jogging, yoga, swimming in natural waters (swimming pools are loaded with tonnes of chemicals which might spoil your skin)

beautiful exercising woman

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