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Chef Ali’s Celebrity Chocolate Cake

Chef Ali shared his decadent Chocolate Cake recipe with MumsVillage Kenya. This recipe is super-simple but the results are ultra professional. Try it at home and share your results in the comments below!


500g Sugar
350g Butter
5-6 eggs
500g flour
100g cocoa
4 tspn baking powder
1 1/2 glass milk
2 tspn vanilla essence

Chocolate frosting

250g Butter
400g icing sugar
60g cocoa
2 teaspoons water

Beat the butter and sugar until fluffy add in the eggs one by one add in the vanilla essence and beat until mixture is soft. In a separate bowl sift the flour cocoa and baking powder then gradually add in the flour mixture to the butter little by little while mixing finish up with the milk to soften the mixture then bake in a greased and lined 8inch tin and 6inch tin for about 45mins to 1hour at 180’c. This makes one and a half kg cake.

For frosting beat the butter and icing sugar until mixed with a butter beater then add in the cocoa and the drops of water to soften while you continue to beat until mixture is well combined.

Once the cake is cool spread the frosting on top and fill in between if desired.

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