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Cashmere Moms : Quick funny Tips for New Dads

So 2015 has definitely brought on amazing new ideas, one of the best so far is Cashmere Dads Blogbomb.

My hubby has taken over Cashmere Moms for the day and is blog bombing Cashmere Moms 😉 He is sharing his insight on being a third time father. Read below to see what he recently has to say about Beck’s teething.

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I’m definitely not deleting this post as I am actually thinking of making this a permanent fixture on the blog. I want to invite Jason and other cool dads we know to pour out their experiences with their little ones. Cashmere Moms is the safe place to lay it all out 😉 Tag your baby daddy or husband here so we can feature them and please check out Jason’s new blog MIXING OPPOSITES to see the crazy things he gets up to.