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My Favourite Green Smoothie Recipe

Don’t be afraid of a green smoothie! The spinach adds iron to this smoothie, which is an essential mineral for pregnant women and nursing mothers.


It is also a delicious way to get your toddler to eat her vegetables, and the coconut milk contains vital minerals and nutrients to support a growing child’s development. Spinach is one of the ingredients, but don’t worry. You won’t feel like you’re drinking a vegetable: the combination of yummy fruits, cashews, & coconut milk is the flavour that will come through.


Serves 2 (share it with someone you love!)


– 1 mango, peeled and chopped

– 2 ripe bananas

– 2 cups of baby spinach, washed

– 1/3 cup of cashew nut butter

– 1-2 cups of coconut milk

– juice of 1 lime



If you’d like your smoothie to be extra cool—and maybe even resemble a milkshake—put pieces of peeled banana in the freezer the night before. Take them out of the freezer 30 minutes before making your smoothie so they can soften just a little.

Put all the ingredients, including one cup of coconut milk, in a blender or food processor. Blend until the smoothie is consistent. Add a little coconut milk to make it thinner, if you’d like.



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