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9 Lessons I’ve learned as a Single Working Mum

Its hard enough being a single mum, but when you add working full-time it is a whole new ball game. However, these supermamas make it work. Here are 9 lessons I have learnt over the years as a working mum that I hope will inspire more women to keep going strong:


1. You’ll get tempted to look for a rich guy and get married just so you don’t have to work.You get to sit in the house and look pretty. But being independent is SO MUCH better so you get your act together and work hard so you can retire at 30 and enjoy the rest of your life.


2. You’ll want to spend your weekends in bed, not nursing hangovers, but catching up on sleep. Weekend plans become a rarity. And you still won’t be able to sleep because Boo Boo wants you to play with her or just keep her company. Imani believes that if she can’t see your face you’re ignoring her.


3. You’ll learn to get ready in 15 minutes or less. And then you’ll go back to sleep, wake up at 8.30 am and you’ll be on time for your 9.00 am meeting.

mother at work with daughter


4. You’ll be tempted to call in sick so that you stay at home and hang out with your munchkin. But you won’t do it because diapers and food don’t come cheap.


5. Your nanny is a lifesaver. She’ll keep your munchkin safe, clean and healthy. She’ll also ensure your home is neat and visitor-ready. I love my house help to death. She’s a superwoman. Get a good one, treat them well and you’ll have peace of mind.


6. Kindergartens are also a lifesaver for those days your nanny is on leave and you still have to go to work. Boo Boo gets to interact with other kids and you have peace of mind at work but your house will look like a pigsty.

Viruses, Motherhood, Choosing the perfect Kindergarten for your child.


7. You’ll appreciate your nanny even more on those days she puts the baby to sleep and all you have to do is eat and get ready for bed ( I really love my sleep).


8. You’ll always feel bad every morning when you’re leaving for work, especially when baby cries. Boo Boo always goes to the door when she sees me pick up my bag and expects me to carry her and leave the house together. It becomes a screaming match when you leave without her. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to go with her to the shop so that she stops crying.



9. Left to your own devices, you and baby would eat take-out every day. There’s no energy left at the end of the day to cook and clean. I don’t get how married women are able to come from work, prepare dinner, clean the house, check the kids homework and still perform coitus. The most I can do when I get home is play with Boo Boo and I’m usually dead tired by the time we sleep.


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