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KimaniMaleKenya Son of a great worrier or a great person. People named Kimani are thought of as honest hardworking and strong
LupitaFemaleKenya/Mexico Oscar winner
AmondiFemaleKenya Born before the birds sing; Luo origin..
JunoFemaleRome Roman goddess; protector of the state
IsisFemaleEgypt Goddess of fertility; one of the most significant goddesses mythology
JuliaFemaleLatin \'Jupiter\'s child, downy\'
KaiMaleDutch Earth
LucasMaleLatin Bringer of Light
LelaFemaleSwahili Black Beauty
Na\'zyiaFemaleKenya A Mother\'s Love
AyanaFemaleEthiopia Beautiful flower
AshantiFemaleGhana Strong African Woman
EmmaFemaleHebrew Industrious
TumainiMaleKenya Hope
OwinoMaleKenya Born with the cord around them, Luo Origin

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