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Name Gender Origin Meaning
Kimani Male Kenya Son of a great worrier or a great person. People named Kimani are thought of as honest hardworking and strong
Lupita Female Kenya/Mexico Oscar winner
Amondi Female Kenya Born before the birds sing; Luo origin..
Juno Female Rome Roman goddess; protector of the state
Isis Female Egypt Goddess of fertility; one of the most significant goddesses mythology
Julia Female Latin \'Jupiter\'s child, downy\'
Kai Male Dutch Earth
Lucas Male Latin Bringer of Light
Lela Female Swahili Black Beauty
Na\'zyia Female Kenya A Mother\'s Love
Ayana Female Ethiopia Beautiful flower
Ashanti Female Ghana Strong African Woman
Emma Female Hebrew Industrious
Tumaini Male Kenya Hope
Owino Male Kenya Born with the cord around them, Luo Origin

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