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Rishi Khubchandani

Rishi Khubchandani is an Energy Coach and Meditation Teacher. He runs a two-week online meditation Journey called “Meditation can be FUN” which has helped thousands of people from beginners to the experienced get started with meditation in a fun way or deepen their meditation practice.

All Mum’s Village fans are welcome to trial the First 5 days FREE of the two-week “Meditation can be FUN” journey at https://www.truemana.com/programs


“I really enjoyed the “Meditation can be FUN” journey and am feeling much better. I am currently pregnant and through this meditation journey, I have realised that carrying out inner work for 15-20 mins a day can have such a profound impact on the rest of your daily activities and thoughts. Rishi’s voice is so soothing and he has a great sense of humour too, which made me look forward to each day. I would absolutely encourage anyone to take part in this experience. Rishi constantly reminded us that there was no wrong or right way to meditate and not be too hard on yourself, which made the practice easier to get through each day. I am missing the meditations and have started repeating some of them.”

~ Shreya Shah, Nairobi

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