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Ekta Bid

I am Ekta Bid, a play therapist and an EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Assessor. 

As a play therapist, I am recommended to work with children ages 2-13 but I believe it can help younger children and even older. Play therapy uses play and its various modes as a communications tool to understand the child’s world and help the child deal with the emotional turmoil and trauma they are going through. I would help a child, as well as their parents and caregivers understand the distresses the child is experiencing. This includes abuse and neglect. 

Emotions are an important aspect of daily life- personal and professional. I help children and adults understand their emotions and help them find reasons within for those emotions and guide them to see the benefits of their emotions.


Emotional Intelligence is a crucial part of Play Therapy as it helps adults, children and the therapist understand a child’s emotion. Children maybe going through something they don’t understand. They would normally turn to an adult for help but if the adult does not understand, or shuts out the child’s feelings, this could lead to long term harm for the child. 


Facebook: Ekta Bid- Play Therapist


Email: [email protected]

Tel: 0721379619 (Work)


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